We use Artificial Intelligence to stop them!

An existential threat facing colleges and universities today is the inability to perform identity verification of students in a remote delivery environment and safe of FRAUD.

Unless colleges and universities can determine the identity of students completing assessments and evaluations, the remote delivery model will fail.

In terms of Remote Student Identification, Preemptor AI is innovative and multifaceted.

Preemptor features

Remote Screen

Remote Biometric

System Based AI

Remote Facial

Remote Voice

*Iris Scan

* Development phase

Are you curious about how Artificial Intelligence can
help your college or university be protected against fraud?

Ensure students are doing their own work.
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Avoiding plagiarism before it takes place and saving time
of professors and academic integrity members.

Disruptive Anti-plagiarism System

Preemptor uses Artificial Intelligence not only to
detect, but also to AVOID plagiarism before it takes place.


Preemptor AI for academia is a cybersecurity company focused on IVRD - Identity Verification in Remote Delivery for the education segment, including colleges and universities. Preemptor offers an AI high-level standard technology that helps colleges and universities to verify the identity of students during online courses and remote delivery.


The Preemptor main goal is avoiding fraud, cheating and plagiarism.

To ensure students are not cheating or plagiarizing, Preemptor offers the following features:

  • AI Facial Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Biometric Validation
  • Remote Screen Sharing
  • AI anti-plagiarism based on Pattern Recognition (to avoid plagiarism before it takes place)

Through Artificial Intelligence Preemptor helps colleges, universities, students and professors to improve academic standards accordance ensuring academic integrity policies.

Additional features such as Smart Word Processing and APA Reference Manager help users manage references and keep academic documents safe in Preemptor Cloud. These additional features help professors and students reduce in 30% the time necessary to write academic documents.


Help education institutions to AVOID fraud and plagiarism, ensuring that their students are doing their own work.


Use Artificial Intelligence to be the most important education institution ally during the battle against fraud and plagiarism.


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  • Determination
  • Respect
  • Ethics
  • Inclusion
  • Equality